Dedicated SEO Hosting

Our powerful, flexible Dedicated Hosting plans contain at least 2 physical cores. You'll get 4 cores in all, featuring Intel's hyper-threading technology—on a reliable, secure network that utilizes the largest bandwidth providers on the planet.

What you get

Customizable Systems

We will build you a server based on your company's needs.

Though the servers we generally offer will typically power anything you ask them to do, we understand that they may not be exactly what you're looking for. Our staff will work closely with your company and determine exactly what you need quickly, affordably, and efficiently.

Remote Reboot and KVM Access

Access when you need it, wherever you need it.

Every SEO dedicated server we build has remote reboot and KVM capabilities. These features are included on our Intel Xeon servers and available for a small monthly fee on our Intel Pro servers.

Having access to your server's power and console (KVM) allows you to have complete control of your server. Your access includes free operating system re-installations, hard disk and file system recovery functions, memory testing tools, and the ability to control and create RAID arrays. All of these features are available instantly, from any location.

Quality SEO Hardware

The latest and greatest micro engineering has to offer.

At SEO, we strive to provide our customers with the latest processors and standardized technology hardware. You are guaranteed at least a 45nm processor, the fastest DDR3 performance memory, and extremely quick large caching hard drives.

Free Migration

We will migrate your existing websites to our servers, free!

Our experienced techs will quickly and efficiently transfer your websites from your existing web host to our dedicated servers free of charge.

* free migrations are only available when migrating from a cPanel environment to a cPanel environment.